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Hey I am Ivonne

I am a strategist, negotiator and mentor for women who are sick of waiting their turn but want to be in charge of their careers and lives by being more Feisty in life.

A Feisty Girl – What is that all about?

A Feisty Girl is a confident, respected and successful woman. She is a leader, an influencer, a tough negotiator who loves having power and is in charge of her life.

She does not wait around, she takes matters into her own hands and realizes her full potential.

She is always on top of her game and does not worry about what others say or think.

When I went on maternity leave I was excited to look after my baby but at the same time I knew that I could do more and use the time I had off work. Being a new mum gave me so much energy and excitement. I wanted to be more than a mum and I want to show my daughter later that she can do anything she wants we just have to believe in ourselves. So, the first thing I did was ask myself was what I wanted to achieve whilst on maternity leave apart from caring for my baby.

There were three things:
  • Work and make money
  • Write my thesis to finish my Doctorate
  • Travel

Now, you might think that that is insane but let me tell you it is absolutely achievable. I did all three things that were on my list.

To work and make money I asked my boss for contract work and he gave me a project to run which I could do from anywhere at any time of day. I was able to determine my own hours as they depended on the progress of the project.

I wrote my thesis for my Doctorate in Business. I did a literature review, did my own research and interviewed subject matter experts for my thesis, compiled the data and wrote a comprehensive paper of 40.000 words.

I travelled with my daughter to ten countries in her first year and she went to Europe three times in her first 12 months. We travelled to New Zealand, Singapore, Bali, Germany, Sweden, Norway, France, Czech Republic, US and UAE.

I am a true believer that if you set yourself goals, be determined and organized you are able to achieve anything. A Feisty Girl makes an impact and she lives the best life ever and inspires others to do the same.

My year on maternity leave was amazing. I got to spend time with my daughter, was able to work so I felt I contributed to the household income and I was able to travel and see my family in Europe. A Feisty Girl has a fantastic network and great supporters. I have a fantastic husband who believes in me and lets me realize my dreams and goals.

Being a Feisty Girl sounds pretty awesome. I can help you find your potential and achieve what you want.

Let’s work together or join one of my online courses.
I am looking forward to seeing you soon again!